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21 Day Yoga Teacher Training.

TK Yoga has created a new 21day Yoga Teacher Training to comply with standards as set down by Yoga Alliance International, accreditation services. Our love of yoga at TK has sought to build a good grounding in teaching methodology and understanding of the requirements that a teacher of Yoga will need to possess to be a safe (Ahimsa) and confident Yoga teacher. You will stay at our student accommodation nearby and enjoy the beautiful historic area of Suffolk in the UK.                         


We will work together to succeed and incorporate a multi style approach to learning and yoga disciplines. We will practice and study authentic Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa flow, and Yin Yoga. Our student led approach means that each student is valued for their own authentic and diverse teaching style. We support you during training and after training and we understand that your first teaching experience is going to be quite daunting, with this in mind we like our students to start to teach as soon as possible. At our busy studio there is plenty of scope to attend and teach the regular classes. Both Tina and Keely have over 5000 hours of teaching and will bring a wealth of understanding to your training. We very much promote the healing side of Yoga and how it can help in recovery. With this understanding we can lay down the foundations for our future Yoga Therapists. 
Your Principal Teachers
Tina Brewer and Keely Warren. 

Recommended Books and Reading.

Yoga Sequences Companion. Vani Devi

The Human Body Book. DK Books

Two Hundred Hour Yoga Teacher Training Manual. Marta Berry

The Sacred Tradition of Yoga. Dr. Shankaranarayna Jois

Teaching Yoga. Mark Stephens

Yoga Sequencing. Mark Stephens

Yoga Adjustments. Mark Stephens

Yoga Therapy. Mark Stephens

Yoga Sutras. Patanjali

Yoga Anatomy. Leslie Kaminoff

Please Note: All of these books can be purchased 2nd hand from eBay and Amazon, some can be downloaded in PDF. This aligns with our ethical ethos of helping to save the environment, recycling and redistributing.

200 Hour - Curriculum
There will be 180 Hours face to face contact hours. Each student will need to be prepared to submit certain articles to share with the peer group, along with some homework from the theory classes. There will also be 20 non-contact hours. Each student will be directed to our google school to complete assignments.
The training will include: 
Anatomy and Physiology. Movement and Practice. Living as a Yogi/ Yogi Diet. Teaching Methodology. Teaching practice and Techniques. Business ethics. Alignment. Adjustments and Modifications. Pranayama. Relaxation and Meditation. Mudra and Mantra. Each student will need to be able to understand the full expression of each Asana learned, and be prepared to learn at least 30 Sanskrit words over the 21day stay. Understand classroom management and dynamics. Observe and discern. Be prepared to learn at least 28 Postures. Your training will also include: 2 x one-one teaching with a member of the public. 2 x shared training at a local retirement centre, and 2 x shared training with local office staff

This is a very unique opportunity within our training.

Break down of the Hours 
100 Hours- Techniques.

To include: Asana. Pranayama. Kriyas. Meditation .Mudra and Mantra. Hours will include both training in techniques and practice. These will include: Alignment and the healing effects on the physical and subtle body. Mantra and effect on the physical and subtle body. Why we should use Mudra to aid practice. Pranayaman and the effects on the inner systems. Kriyas and their place in cleansing during yogic lifestyle.
42 Hours. Teaching Methodology.
To include: Principles and Practicum of demonstration. Observation. Assisting and Supporting. Correcting. Instruction. Discovering teaching styles. Qualities of a Teacher. Learning styles. Class/room management. Pace and delivery. Teaching Cues. Counter Poses. Contraindications.
20 Hours. Anatomy and Physiology.
To include: Anatomy and Physiology. Bodily systems/Organs. Subtle anatomy and physiology including Chakras and Nadis. To include: Biomechanics. Movement of joints. Stabilising joints. Balance and Safety. Stretching and Fascia. Physical limitations. Body awareness. 
30 Hours. Philosophy. Ethics. History of Yoga.
To include: Patanjali. Yoga Sutras. Sutras and living in the modern world. Self-Reflection. Responsibility. Equity in hatha Yoga. Bringing philosophy into practice. Committment to continued life long learning.
10 Hours On-Line with Lead Tutor. Mentorship  (dates to be determined) 
Discussion on ethics and commitment to best possible practice. 
Professionalism. Joining professional organisations. Insurance. Business ethics and promotion/ Insurance. Personal attributes reguarding time keeping and appearance. Communication and the words we speak.
Tina and Keely Footnote.
Please be aware that throughout your stay we will be continually observing, and delivering feedback. Assessment is continual and exhaustive. We expect correct conduct at all times and a respectful assisting
and support of your fellow students during learning and practice.
Daily Schedule.
7.30 am-8.30 am. Meditation. Mantra. Mudra.
8.30-9.00 am. Break.
9.00 am-12 noon. Pranayama. Asana.
12 noon-1.00 pm. Lunch Break.
1.00 pm-2.00 pm. Philosophy and Teaching Methodology.
2.00 pm - 4.30 pm. Asana. Practicum.
4.30 - 6.00 pm. Break.
6.00 pm - 7.30 pm. Evening Asana.
7.30 pm - 8.00 pm. Debriefing. Support.
8.00 pm. Dinner.  
Cost of Course.
£2.799.00. For onsite stay and full board. Single Person Own Room.

£2,499.00 For onsite stay and full board. Shared Twin Bed Room.

Payment Plans available. Please ask for details.
All meals are Vegan/ Vegetarian.
£500.00 Deposit at time of booking.
Payment in full on arrival.
Payment plans available please ask for details.

How to Book your Placement.

Please send TK Yoga Ltd an email requesting placement detailing your experience and why you would like to continue your Yogic journey. Your age and any health conditions that may need to be accommodated for. Email us at:

Or use our sites contact form.

Cancellation Policy.

All monies returned if the course is cancelled by hosts. There is a 21 day cooling off period where deposits may be refunded in full. Please be aware that deposits and payments in full, will not be refunded if cancellations are less than 21 days prior to training start date. 

Terms and Conditions.

Code of conduct for Students and visiting Teachers.

We expect that you will:

Act with integrity at all times.

Be honest.

Be accountable.

Be respectful.

Be safe.

Be co-operative.

Be supportive of others learning.

Visiting Teachers will:

Be professional at all times.

Show competence towards students.

Have clear boundaries.

Be fully aware of our code of conduct for Students.

Unacceptable behaviour:

Inappropriate behaviour of any kind.

Discrimination of any kind.


Harassment of any kind.

Abusive language.

Acting in any way that puts another person at risk.

Drinking to excess.

The consequences of abusing our code of conduct:

Possible prosecution by law.

Termination of student activities and placement.

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