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Visiting Therapists Guidelines and Data Protection

To meet exacting requirements of becoming a training school in yoga therapy we must meet existing standards to qualify and quantify our business and these standards must be present on our website.

Therefore; our new policies and procedures surrounding TK means we must pass on this information to our visiting therapists, graduated and graduating students.

We would like to advise our visiting therapists of our requirements in relation to our standards and use of the therapy room and yoga studio.


1. Please provide us with your current insurance details, which should be displayed during class teaching or during treatments.


2. Please provide evidence of qualifications.


3. Reiki Practitioners must hold level 11, or Masters.


4. Reflexology Practitioners, current level of study attained.


5. Massage Practitioners , current level of study attained.


6. Yoga Teachers, ( and student teachers) 100/200/500/1000 hours.

Additional Requirements.

a. Please leave the therapy areas and studio as found.

b. Please be respectful of other service users.

c. Please be inclusive in your approach to others.

d. Please keep to the agreed times.

(We appreciate and thank you for your understanding and loyalty).

7. We at TK would like to remind graduating and graduated students that  our policies and procedures are aligned with fairness at their core, therefore we would appreciate all TK practicing therapists within a 5 mile radius to adhere to current therapy costs, thus not undercutting one another. In this respectful acknowledgement we understand the value of the practices advertised.

8. Please be aware that the use of accreditation logo's are not to be used in conjunction with advertising your own practices. Copying logos for personal gain is against the law. If you want to use TK logo on your site please join us at our affiliation page.

9. Data protection.

TK Yoga Ltd will never share sensitive or personal information with third parties.

No sensitive information is stored.

Email addresses and Telephone numbers are stored securely by agreement only.

TK Yoga Ltd will never use spam.

Electronic payments are securely maintained by Clover our payment gateway.

TK Yoga Ltd does not allow the use of their private internet facilities or WiFi. Due to our agreement with our gateway payment facility this is strictly forbidden.


1. Our policies are designed to reflect the objectives of TK Yoga Ltd.

2. Our objectives are to maintain the standards as set down.

3. TK will use plain English.

4. Maintain the security of the company.

5. Maintain secure client information.

6. Be inclusive.

7. Arbitrarily meetings.

8. Approachability.

9. Respect.

10. Company Privacy.


1. Expected behaviour towards clients/students/one another.

2. Correct conduct required by visiting therapists.

3. Correct dress code.

4. Acceptable behaviour.

5. Company logo to be used at all times.

6. Efficient working.

7. Facilitate trade.

8. Waste reduction, green thinking.

9. Health and safety awareness.

10. Follow correct requirements as laid down by law or other respected organisations to adhere to 'Best Practice'.



1. Maintaining high standards.

2. Following through with communications via email/letter/telephone within the 24 hours.

3. Setting an easy to follow guideline in communication with students progress. ie: Marking/ lessons/ answering queries regarding training.

4. Maintaining confidential student information and student number.

5. Sending out 'next lesson' within 48 hours of receiving.

6. Keeping banking details safe. One user at present on the clover machine.

7. Keeping Internet use private. TK personnel only.

8. Meeting consumer protection and confidence at a premium.

9. Meeting TK business ethics/morals.

10. Maintaining good habits regarding being present and on time.



1. Honesty in all dealings.

2. Personal hygiene standards.

3. Respecting privacy at all times.

4. No sharing of company information.

5. No disclosing personal information outside of the company.

6. Maintaining cleanliness of the company premises.

7. Replacing office materials after use.

8. Maintaining high standards within the treatment rooms.

9. Cleaning after use and tidying all areas/ including the toilet facilities.

10.Promptly reporting any needed repairs/changes.


Health and Safety.

1. Cleanliness of the spaces occupied shall now have to meet exacting standards.

2. Each visiting therapist will undertake cleaning prior and after use of all facilities.

3. Hand washing before and after each class will be strictly observed.

3. Anyone unwell will not be admitted to the premises under any circumstances.

4. Each visiting therapist will be asked to sign and date that they have read and understood the * governmental guidelines. 

5. All students will be expected to observe the health and safety of others and follow advise from the tutor.

6. Strict observance of personal space will be observed. 

7. All necessary equipment must now be supplied by visiting tutors and students. No sharing of mats/blocks/blankets/bolsters.

8. All surfaces to be kept clean and dry to avoid accidents.

9. All fire exits clearly explained prior to class teaching.

10. Please report immediately any issues surrounding our Health and Safety Standards.

Standards will change to meet demands as the company evolves into 2021.

TK Yoga Ltd

Company Number 10144852 incorporated 25-04-2016

Registered Office: John Phillips & Co Ltd 81 Centaur Court, Claydon Business Park, Great Blakenham, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP6 0NL

Tina Brewer.

Keely Warren.

Managing Directors and Principals of TK Yoga Ltd.

We have copies of our company standards available so please request a copy.

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