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Framlingham Yoga Classes

 Yoga Therapy Classes

These bespoke classes will nurture, promote well-being,

build strength and stamina, in both body and mind.

70 Minutes focusing on breathing, gentle movements, empowering individuals to progress to better health and wellness .

 Please see class times below

Five Minute Fit. Fab Abs. 'No Sit Ups' Training on Private FaceBook Page 

Just Five Minutes per week will enhance stamina, build a strong core, create better posture, strength and endurance.

Its Free! Ask to join.

  •                                   Monday​

  • TK Studio. In Person. Hatha - 9.15 am  

  • TK Studio. In person. Hatha  - 6.00 pm

  •                                  Tuesday

  • TK Studio. In Person. Well-Being Yoga - 9.30 am

  • TK Studio. In Person. Hatha - 6.00 pm

  •                                   Wednesday

  • TK Studio. In Person. Yin - 6.00 pm

  •                                   Thursday

  • TK Studio. In Person. Yoga Therapy - 9.30 am

  •                                  Class Costs

  •                              Drop-in £11.00.

  • Classes booked monthly £9.00 per class.

  •                              Booking Essential


Please Pre-Book for 'in person' Classes. 

Unlimited Students on Private FaceBook Page.

No Joining Fee.


One To One


Private Tuition Yoga Classes £40.00

Our one-to-one classes offer you the opportunity to explore yoga more deeply and are tailored to suit the individual. It is especially suited to those who are new to yoga or those who feel less secure within a group setting. One-to-one classes can address more easily the needs of the student such as injury recovery, time restraints and stress management.

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