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Yoga Instructor Course. 200 Hrs.

 A totally inclusive training model to bring inclusiveness into the classroom.

Teachers: Tina Brewer & Keely Warren.

TK Yoga Instructor Course has been designed for those interested in the art of Yoga Asana (Postures/Poses).

The course has been carefully thought out due to the ongoing bad practices around the world, whereby Yoga Teachers and Instructors have not had the opportunity to perfect each Asana in a safe and healing way. Executing Asanas is an art, and not following the alignment cues or modifications of alignment for each Asana, has brought Yoga into somewhat of a dispute.

This isn’t the fault of the Instructor but pour and non- existent correct training methods.

There are more Yoga induced injuries than ever before and this is in some part due to lack of knowledge around the correct alignments, and modifications.

Our aim is to correct some of the damage perpetuated by poor teaching practices.

This course is suitable for those teaching in Gym/Yoga Studio environments where the emphasis is not on alignment, but misguided movement classed as an exercise only.

This is very dangerous, and injurious to others health and well-being, and needs addressing.

Yoga is not just an exercise but is a thought out practices from hundreds and thousands of years ago, where it was understood that  the shapes made by correct Asana alignment, has a unique healing quality for each individual.

We understand at TK Yoga that not everyone is interested in Mudra, Mantra, Meditation, and Chant (which are components of becoming a yogi) and want only to teach Asana. That being said then let us explore Asana in a safe way and create an understanding of the correct execution.

We know every person is on their own journey and if Asana is part of that journey then it is still a very beautiful experience.

Our course will be targeting approximately 20 basic Asana with variations of, and once perfected and with safety in mind, we will then look at creating flow and pace.

We will be focusing on Pranayama however alongside the basic Asanas because breathing becomes a very important component in any form of exercise, and cannot be omitted.

Course Curriculum:

14 Days on-site staying, focusing on the basic Asanas, safety, Pranayama and Variations of each Asana.

The Hours are as follows: In the studio 8 Hours per day.

There will be written work to complete in the evenings: Approximately 2 hours per evening.

Further Learning:

On-Line Zoom meetings with Tina after the practical is completed: Approximately 10 Hours.

In your own time learning in the google school online: Approximately 14 Hours.

Online Chair Yoga tuition: Approximately 24 Hours.

Wall Yoga tuition: Approximately 12 Hours.

Total Number of Hours for the course = 200 Hours.


The course is quite intensive in approach but there will be some free time to explore historical Framlingham and the surrounding area.

The accommodation is set in a very beautiful rural location with either single occupancy or shared twin room.

There will be 3 Vegan meals per day. We hope you understand we do not provide snacks or meat, or dairy products. Everything is cooked fresh daily to nourish the body.

On-site there is a washing machine and all equipped kitchen if you need to create or cook  snacks.

The Course consists of:

Learning the 20 plus Asanas and executing safely.

Learning the art of adjustment.

Discovering Variations of each Asana.

Lesson Planning.

English/ Sanskrit Asana Names.

Manual and other pdf books.

Teaching Practice.

The art of Flow.

Two dedicated Teachers.

After course support.

Pranayama Techniques.

The History around Yoga Asanas.

Teaching Methodology

Zoom conference calls after training.

In App Teaching: Chair Yoga and Wall Yoga.


The cost of the on-site staying course is £1,799.00 per person

Shared twin room £1,599.00

Off-site staying £1,499.00

Training Dates. 5th July – 19th 2025. 

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