Terms and Conditions

Code of conduct for Students and visiting Teachers.


We expect that you will:


Act with integrity at all times.

Be honest.

Be accountable.

Be respectful.

Be safe.

Be co-operative.

Be supportive of others learning.



Visiting Teachers will:


Be professional at all times.

Show competence towards students.

Have clear boundaries.

Be fully aware of our code of conduct for Students.



Unacceptable behaviour:


Inappropriate behaviour of any kind.

Discrimination of any kind.


Harassment of any kind.

Abusive language.

Acting in any way that puts another person at risk.

Drinking to excess.


The consequences of abusing our code of conduct:


Possible prosecution by law.

Termination of retreat activities and placement.

Complaints Procedures.


If you are unhappy with our services or training at tkyogaretreat.co.uk you have a right to complain.

We promise to investigate your complaint fully and respond accordingly assuring you of our complete confidentiality at all times.


You have a right to complain if you are dissatisfied with our training methods:


We have not in any way complied with our own policies and procedures.

Misconduct by visiting therapists and Teachers.

Difficulties with other members of staff or attendees that result in conflict, harassment or bullying on any level.



tkyogaretreat.co.uk will respond to your complaint within 7 working days.


Our response to the complaint logged will include:


History of complaint.

What actions we have taken.

What or whom was involved.

Summary of our findings.

Recommendations for further action.



All images, illustrations and videos on our site or within our manuals are copyright of tkyogaretreat.co.uk or their respective owners.

Please contact us immediately if you do not wish images or videos to appear on our site.

We at tkyogaretreat.co.uk have taken all reasonable care that current and up to date information is displayed on our website, and within our training manuals.

Changes to policies and procedures will reflect our own development and growth within our business activities.

Any reviews and testimonials received and displayed are received in good faith and not necessarily endorsed by tkyogaretreat.co.uk

Personal accident insurance is obligatory for all persons attending retreat weeks and teacher training and must be taken prior to participation.

Refund Policy


If you find that you are unhappy with your purchase or our service we are here to help and would ask that before you make a definite decision please call to discuss your concerns. We value our students and your feedback is important.


All our services are provided with a full money back guarantee.

You have an unconditional 21 days from date of purchase to demand a full refund.

Refunds will be credited to your preferred account within 7 working days.

Important Information Regarding Cancellations

Please be aware we are unable to refund deposits that have less then 30 full days clear of your arranged training date.

We are happy to accommodate changes of dates under extenuating circumstances if space allows.