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TK Yoga Alliance


Now that you have completed your course, join the TK family by becoming an affiliated member for a small annual fee. Easy to join but you must have completed various courses to our exacting 'best practice' standards. Affiliated members can attach our logo to all their web site, flyers, posters, mailshots etc. The benefit of being a member is that you are at a standard set by the Internationally respected Holistic practitioners TK Yoga Ltd adding kudos to your own practices.

Annually you can expect to receive the latest updates, standards, policies and procedures surrounding all complementary care practices, yoga teacher training and yoga therapy. New guidelines and standards will become essential parts of training in all areas of care practices involving others well-being.

As TK Yoga academy evolves worldwide we will often need to amend our teachings in line with current legislation.

The new standards evolving means that TK as a company must adhere and maintain their ethos of 'Best Practice'.

Becoming an affiliated member with TK will enhance your credibility and from time to time TK will invite you to further your practice with workshops and training days as part of your course

The annual fee is only £35.00 for our graduated students,

£50.00 for other trained practitioners. 

The benefits to you are limitless...

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