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Hear What They’re Saying


Of course, there are always several reasons and chains of circumstances, but the triggering moment was this: During Keely Warren’s weekly yoga class, I was on my mat on a Monday night 2017. I think we just practiced warrior poses - WARRIOR I AND II:

I felt completely in the flow, almost weightless and diving deep into the sequence. All of a sudden, this thought basically appeared in my head in capital letters:

"IF I COULD DO THIS EVERY DAY AND STILL EARN A LIVING, I WOULD BE THE HAPPIEST PERSON ON EARTH" It was - no joke - as if a golden light shone on me from above, a real aha moment.

Pause - paragraph . Of course, concerns like "There are tons of yoga teachers already", "You're too old for something like that in your early 50s", etc. etc...

Luckily, days later when I went for massage with her, I told Keely about this experience. And her response was: “do you know, Izzy, we also train yoga teachers.” (Did you know, Izzy, we also train yoga teachers).

So there was no excuse anymore - I could even deduct the amount per month...

5 years later still living this dream, through moving from England to Odendorf, through Corona lockdown and heavy rain and keep on keeping on . And I am very, very grateful, from the bottom of my heart!

Thanks to Keely Warren and Tina Brewer of TK Yoga in Framlingham U.K., my Dad for his support and last but not least my students and massage clients both in England and here in Odendorf-Swisttal,


Namaste, 🙏💙💓

Massage and Reiki.

I can't recommend this enough.... absolute bliss and floated away feeling like a different person.

Thank yo so much Keely for what you do and for making it so affordable. I will be booking again next month. Kirstie

Dear Keely, I can't tell you how much better my ears feel now, thank you so much for the treatment. will start saving for some reflexology next. Rosie. (ear candles and facial massage)

Keely, you are amazing, the classes have honestly been life changing. Great class thank you.



I had an amazing Indian Head Massage from Keely at the festival

for Mind Body and Spirit last Sunday. It was really relaxing and healing. Keely has healing energy.




And I Recommend TKyoga Indian Head Massage TK Yoga & Holistics. Keely Warren TK Yoga & Holistics. Tina Brewer, Keely Warren for Excellent Yoga and Holistic! On receipt of my diploma in

Indian Head Massage

Dylan Foender


Wow thanks Keely. Great Meditation, made me emotional and felt a kind of release. Thank you I love your classes. 🙏🏻 xxx Sent from my iPhone



I am really enjoying it, didn't realise my body was so flexible after the last 5 years of chronic pain. But will persevere as my body really needs stretching.

Thanks Linda


Thank you so much for such a transformational week positively life changing! I can't believe how much I've learned in a week; it has formed the basis for me now for my future career and helped me feel confident enough to go and explore anything I don't know.

Your patience and guidance have been amazing and I am so grateful.

Will def be back for more courses.

Keep up the good work ladies!

Julie xxx


Having recently moved to Suffolk, I feel very lucky to have found Keely’s yoga class and relish every Monday morning at Great Glemham! Whatever your fitness, ability or age, Keely’s class will be great for you. I love the way she has developed all of us (without us realising it!) and I can really feel that I have more core strength, I am certainly more supple and have more stamina particularly when gardening! One final point, Keely’s wind downs/relaxations at the end of the session are sublime.



Keely is a fantastic yoga teacher. Her classes are beginners to advanced but I have never felt in competition with anyone. She always makes you feel at easy and give you an alternative pose suitable to your level. I have been attending her classes for a couple of years and the benefits and physical and mental changes I have experienced are enoumous! Looking forward to meet new students in the UK and abroad!

Maria Manly


Beautiful massage, your hands Tina are so charged with sensation ones left in a state of glowing relaxation


“Thanks for having me to stay and participate in your retreat! It was just what I needed at the time I needed it. I feel much more confident in my yoga practise and knowledge. The meditations were fantastic and I loved the early sessions and I have been inspired to get up earlier and practise. The downward dog  and sun salutations where I really had felt disjointed are now much smoother.

Kath Coppock

What an absolutely amazing time I had.  The accommodation and location is stunning, as is the (largely) vegetarian cuisine that is on offer.  Beautifully presented and generously portioned – you will definitely not go hungry.  Tina is a fabulous hostess and her healing energy is a wonderful experience to behold – her yoga style is suited to all abilities and there is meditation too oh, and the reiki is the best I’ve ever had.  Reflexology is on offer too and I truly regret not booking myself in.  If you’re looking for a relaxing, rejuvenating holiday with time for yourself, then look no further.   I will definitely be going back !!


This form of activity is one of the few my body can tolerate, and since starting in January, I have noticed considerable improvements to my balance and stamina. I would therefore like to thank you both. I should also add that it is a lot of fun too. So good for me and enjoyable -brilliant!

Sarah Aqua Yoga

My trip to TKYoga in St Gervais sur Mare was the first retreat I’ve been on and I’m so pleased I went.
Tina was very friendly and welcoming and the accommodation was warm, spacious and comfortable.
The morning meditation left me feeling calm, relaxed and ready for a leisurely breakfast!


At the morning yoga classes I feel I learned a lot in the few days I was there and attempted poses I didn’t know I was able to do –  all without pressure, just gentle encouragement, lots of knowledge and information and all with a sense of humour.

The afternoons consisted of a variety of things  Reiki, tai chi, yoga, walks  – in the village, to the Gorge D’Heric (Gorgeous Eric as it’s locally known) and to the waterfalls.

The meals were delicious, healthy and filling and we could help ourselves to hot/cold drinks or fruit at any time.

I’m missing it already (my normal yoga classes won’t seem the same) and would love to go back again.


First of all I would like to thank you for the enjoyment and contentment that this journey has given us my sister and I. It was a superb experience. Thank you for making it special.


Thank you an amazing time. I learnt so much about myself and yoga. I enjoyed it so much and it’s definitely been a turning point in my life. Lovely to meet you both.


For a first experience of a yoga retreat, this was excellent. Tina and Keely were very understanding of a beginners limitation and the week has been very enjoyable. Such a beautiful place to be. Looking forward to learning more back in the UK. Thank you both.


Had a really enjoyable week, new experience for me but thoroughly enjoyed my stay. Food excellent.


Relaxing and meaningful time, yoga good and treatments amazing. Thank you.


Thank you for such an amazing time. It was my first retreat and I had such a wonderful time, duo yoga was brilliant, hope to meet you again.


Yoga good- managed to achieve camel, food nutritious. Enjoyable and enlightening few days, Thank you Tina & Keely.


Thank you so much to Tina Brewer and Keely Warren for supporting me in this exciting new path and spiritual journey. Would you decide to become a yoga teacher I couldn’t recommend TK Yoga enough! Namaste..

Maria Manly Yoga teacher training



What an inspiring week


Thank you ladies for an amazing week.


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