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                                100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training


Special Accessible for Everyone price of £399.00. 2024 Only

Our 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training is a beautifully designed curriculum that can be accessed in your own time at your own pace. It is designed in bite sized pieces to enable the student to fully integrate the experience within. Yoga brings many facets of a personality into focus and engages with the body in magical ways. Yoga is not about just Asana, it is about the whole person, it enables clarity and healing on many levels.

Beginning the journey with 100 hours is a great way to enable Yoga to become your way of life. Later, you may wish to  explore and complete 200 hours of training.

Your first step into the beautiful world of Yoga and all that it brings is just a few clicks away!

Our support remains with you after completing your 100 hours, you become part of our TK Family of yogis.

100 hours Yoga Teacher Training is designed for your own well-being, your own personal journey and practice. Spending time with the self on the mat in your own sacred space. It will soak into your whole life and bring you peace and tranquillity.


Tina and Keely have been teaching yoga for many years. Both in-person yoga and on-line. During their own training they realised there was a very important element missing from their training, and that was the support they needed after graduation. At times the journey was quite lonely, they had to discover for themselves the answers to often raised student questions. They both agreed and said if ever we become a school after graduation, Support would be the second most important element after Ahimsa.

TK Yoga was borne out of that love of Yoga and TK Yoga business has Ahimsa at its core. We at TK have had hundreds of students from all over the world train with us and we feel very blessed that nearly every one of our past graduates maintain contact with us. Our love of Hatha Yoga, the oldest yoga in the world, has grown over the years into our way of life. We are very blessed and humbled to be able to continue our life work together and share our experiences with our valued students.


No experience of Yoga necessary. Your main requirement is an open heart and a willingness to learn.


Warm up Routines.  Mobilisation of joints, Muscles and Fascia

Sun Salutation.  Surya Namaskar

Moon Salutation. Chandra Namaskar

Hatha Asana to include:  Standing, Sitting, Kneeling, Forward, Backwards, and Twisting Poses, together with  all the variations.

Tadasana. Mountain Pose

Trikonasana.  Triangle Pose

Uttkatasana. Chair Pose

Virabhadrasana. Warrior 1

Virabhadrasana. Warrior 2

Virabhadrasana. Warrior 3

Vriksasana. Tree Pose

Ardha Chandrasana. Half Moon Pose

Adho Mukha Svanasana. Downward Facing Dog

Malasana. Squat Pose

Garudasana. Eagle Pose

Bhujangasana. Cobra Pose

Urdva Mukha Svanasana. Upward Facing Dog

Dhanurasana. Bow Pose

Salabhasana. Locust Pose

Virasana. Hero Pose

Varjrasana. Diamond Pose

Balasana. Childs Pose

Ardha Matsyendrasana.  Half Lord of the Fishes.

The Importance of Alignment during Practice.

The reasoning behind good alignment.

Understanding Yogic Alignment.

How it feels when we are practicing effectively.

Introduction to Yoga Philosophy.

Origins and History of Yoga

Kundalini and Hatha Yoga.

Introduction to Chakras.

Introduction to Chair Yoga.

You will explore our popular Yoga on a Chair and discover how to incorporate all the Yogic postures into a routine that works the whole body.

The Healing Power of Mantras.


Om Shanti Om

Chakra  Bija Mantras

Om Mani Padme Hum

Mudras and the Healing Benefits.

Gyan Mudra

Ganesha Mudra

Rudra Mudra

Five Elements Mudras

Bandhas. Energy Locks.

The Role of Bandhas in Hatha Yoga.

Utilising Mula Bandha during Asana Practice.


Meditation and its Benefits.

How to sit

How to Breathe

How to Focus

So-Hum Meditation


Nadi Shodhana. Alternate Nostril Breathing

Sitkari. Hissing Breath

Sitali. Cooling Breath

Ujjayi. Victorious Breath

Bhramari. Black Bee Breath

Yoga Anatomy.

The Function of Joints

The Skeletal System

The Muscular System

The Respiratory System

Pelvic Girdle

Spinal Function

Course Manual.

Delivered to your inbox in PDF along with other supporting materials.


Themes. Asanas, Mudras and Mantra. Putting it all together.


Written Assignments and Google School Questionnaires.

Breakdown of Hours.

60 Hours of On-Demand Modular Training

15 Hours of Self-Paced learning in the Google School

25 Hours  of Live Classes

Suggested Reading.

Yoga Sequences Companion. Vani Devi

The Human Body Book. DK Books

Two Hundred Hour Yoga Teacher Training Manual. Marta Berry

The Sacred Tradition of Yoga. Dr. Shankaranarayna Jois

Teaching Yoga. Mark Stephens

Yoga Sequencing. Mark Stephens

Yoga Adjustments. Mark Stephens

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