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Reiki Healing.

What happens when we are touched by another person?

To be touched by another person makes us feel good!

Once upon a time when we were more socially connected in the early days of evolution we were hard wired to experience safety in numbers. These days, many people are not socially connected in the same way and do not live in family groups where touch is an every- day occurrence.

When we are touched by someone in a caring understanding way, we are permitting feelings of value, understanding, and acknowledgment of their discomfort or pain. Largely, and latterly, we have long underrated the value of human touch, and the importance of touch.

Many studies have been carried out with children and babies who do not fare well with none, or little touch, to soothe and restore their feelings of being unattended to, unloved, and abandoned. These children do not flourish as those in a loving environment tend to flourish.

Our immediate reaction to another’s suffering is to place our hand on that person. It is an unconscious show of respect and caring.

When we touch another we help release happy /feel good endorphins. Dopamine and serotonin are released whilst reducing stress hormones cortisol and norepinephrine. These chemical exchanges make another person feel much happier. Hugging is well documented as helping release oxytocin, known as the bonding hormone.

It has been found that touching can lower the heart rate and help lower blood pressure, it can boost the immune system and even relieve pain lessening anxiety and depression.

Humans have always and will always be in need of touch! Touch conveys so much and does so much. In this rather insular world in which we live where relationships are often borne out on-line and not in a community of friends and relations, we can easily understand how touch might be devoid in other’s lives.

We are beginning to understand where Reiki has its roots in well-being and being in the company of a practitioner who will lay on their hands to bring about balance, feelings of wellness, a chance to redress and re-adjust into relaxation. Relaxation also plays such an important part in Reiki healing and allowing another person to take that time out for themselves in a nurturing and quiet environment.

For example: Our hands or palms have over 17,000 touch receptors for receiving information and our finger tips have more than 3000 touch receptors (each fingertip) that’s a lot of nerve receptors! Our fingertips and palms talk directly to our brain through our sensory system. Your hands and fingertips are your only requirement during your Reiki treatments. They detect vibrations, pressure, changes in heat (or cold) and can detect when energy does not feel quite right. They are your main antennae during your Reiki healing session.

When you are asked what Reiki can do for your client you can now have all the information at your fingertips! Or in the palm of your hand!



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