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Happy Student

Dear Tina and Keely. We were welcomed and cared for from the minute we arrived to our departure by 2 amazingly nurturing talented and embracing souls. We worked hard under their guidance and discovered a safe and protective way to support our future Yogi s on their journey whilst discovering our own unique gifts as teachers. What a wonderful 200 hrs course. A small group. Great accommodation. Beautiful little town in Suffolk. I feel so confident. Strong in mind and body. Supported by Tina and Keely and my fellow group to be able to teach Yoga and be my true authentic self. Lived and loved every minute of it. Wonderful Teachers. I am so trilled to have had this opportunity to be in Their care and teaching. I an truly ready to go to my next chapter as a confident caring and loving teacher. Thank you. The foundation of my journey forwards begins here and in the now x x x loved it. Lou


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