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Becoming a Yoga Teacher With TK Yoga


Of course, there are always several reasons and chains of circumstances, but the triggering moment was this:

During Keely Warren’s weekly yoga class, I was on my mat on a Monday night 2017. I think we just practiced warrior poses - WARRIOR I AND II:

I felt completely in the flow, almost weightless and diving deep into the sequence. All of a sudden, this thought basically appeared in my head in capital letters:

"IF I COULD DO THIS EVERY DAY AND STILL EARN A LIVING, I WOULD BE THE HAPPIEST PERSON ON EARTH" It was - no joke - as if a golden light shone on me from above, a real aha moment.

Pause - paragraph . Of course, concerns like "There are tons of yoga teachers already", "You're too old for something like that in your early 50s", etc. etc...

Luckily, days later when I went for massage with her, I told Keely about this experience. And her response was: “do you know, Izzy, we also train yoga teachers.” (Did you know, Izzy, we also train yoga teachers).

So there was no excuse anymore - I could even deduct the amount per month...

5 years later still living this dream, through moving from England to Odendorf, through Corona lockdown and heavy rain..

and keep on keeping on . And I am very, very grateful, from the bottom of my heart!

Thanks to Keely Warren and Tina Brewer of TK Yoga in Framlingham U.K., my Dad for his support and last but not least my students and massage clients both in England and here in Odendorf-Swisttal,


Namaste, 🙏💙💓

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