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Join us for our certificated intensive course on Lymphatic Drainage Massage. At TK training Academy


Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage is a massage system designed to aid the the lymphatic system remove and eliminate the bodies waste products.

When our lymphatic system is at overwhelm, compromised in some way, or inhibited because of surgery (or recovery from surgery), the body will often store fluid in the lymphatic system.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage is a gentle therapy and is definitely not to be confused with deep tissue massage!

It is a gentle persuasive therapy best offered by practicing therapists who understand the workings of the inner systems.


Our course explains and demonstrates how this powerful therapy works as an aid to recovery and is promoted by many health professionals as being a very beneficial therapy.

Because it is gentle it can be safely used for all ages. Together with targeted exercises and acupressure points our Lymphatic Drainage Massage therapy course is perfect as an additional to existing therapies.


Our course consists of Six main lessons. 12 Modules, together with 2 written assignments for our distance learning students.

Or, One full intensive days training. ( There may still be some written work to complete)


Qualified at intermediate level massage and above.

Nurse Practitioner or Qualified Holistic Practitioner.


Intensive Lymphatic Drainage Massage Course

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