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TK are proud to announce their intermediate course in Ear Candling and Lymphatic drainage massage. Ear Candling is said to aid a number of conditions as well as removing ear wax, and together with facial drainage massage brings about a balance, clearing of bacteria, infections and viruses, to be borne away by the lymphatic system. 


Our course is perfect to run alongside your existing complementary care practice, however it is designed as a stand alone therapy in its own right. 


Course fees £145.00 in full or £45.00 deposit followed by 4 monthly instalments of £25.00


Please contact TK to secure your course and discuss payment options. Payment is either in full, or via a deposit, followed by monthly (interest free) bank transfers.


This course comprises of; 10 Lessons, 10 Questionaires.

Ear Candling and Lymphatic drainage

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