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TK Fit50+

TK Fit 50+ is a brand new fitness program delivered by both Tina and Keely, which is part of the TK Yoga Ltd Companies Portfolio of Courses.

More than at any other time in history has it become apparent that we need to target the over 50’s rising health concerns. What with high cholesterol, Diabetes, the big C,  and Thyroid problems all on the rise, more than ever we need to keep our generations over the ages of 50 years on track with good health ideals and ethics.

This is the age when many people decide to take retirement with ambitious plans to enjoy their planned activities, perhaps start a new venture, or embark on the hobbies they always wanted to explore but never had the time. This is also the time when all the stress of past working conditions and worries catch up and begin to compromise health and the inner systems.

Stress is a funny old condition and it finds its way into our lives to disrupt a system (us) that was built to last  us a lifetime in the best possible condition and health.

We all know that we are what we think, eat, feel, and  what, and how we relate, or exhibit to the outside world can be stress a related response to feelings of overwhelm and dissatisfaction of the past, our working conditions, or the situations we find ourselves in.

Having considered that most people over the age of 50 years have been affected by life in some way by loss, ill health, redundancy, divorce, or other changes to disrupt plans we began to realise that this age group and beyond are poorly represented by qualified therapists, teachers and trainers.

Over the ages of 50+ we really need to be more concerned with healthy eating, moving the body in the right way, dealing with stress, and existing conditions. Maintaining a healthy mind-set and finding the all- round fitness  program to maintain good health way into the ages of 80 and 90 and more!


There is no good reason not to!


We need mature therapists who can really identify a person’s needs and understand from which level they will employing all their skills to facilitate abundant health, longevity, fitness, mobility and beauty!


This course is multi-faceted. You will be expected to complete a number of modules which we have listed for your consideration.


TK will encourage you to start teaching as soon as you commence the course bringing your maturity and understanding into your teaching/ training practice.

Ours and your quest will be to bring about awareness to the target group, bearing in mind this might be the first time in a person’s life they have ever taken exercise, kept a food journal, or done any journaling at all!

This might be the first time a person has ever picked up a set of dumb bells or done any resistant training, mid- section training, walked a mile, or done any kind of Yoga, Chanted or sat in Meditation.

This could be the first time in their lives they have ever heard the words Metabolic Efficiency, or Muscular Endurance!

They may think they need to go to the Gym every morning at the crack of dawn! But will be surprised when you explain that it’s a program designed for that persons needs only and they can spend as little as Four Hours per week  over a 10 week period and increase stamina, mobility, endurance, build muscle mass and transform their quality of life beyond recognition.


As a creative Teacher/Trainer you will be curious at all times and maintain positivity towards your individuals or classes, and continue to learn and engage with all of the training modules.


Being more mature will inspire confidence and be inspirational to your client base. You will bring your own unique abilities and personality to the forefront.

So, let’s see what is involved in your training and possible avenues or streams of income you may generate as a Teacher/Trainer in the well-being sector.

First of all there is no limit to your earning ability!

Your target person(s) or groups will be the over 50’s.

Because we are aiming for the betterment of the over 50’s age group this does not mean you cannot work with all ages/ abilities.

This could be singles or couples, evening classes, or retirement accommodations/facilities. Walking Groups, or other retirement activities for this age group.

It might be a workshop based one off Yoga/Fitness Class or, a weekly class setting.

You may wish to target a group with just one aspect of your teacher training or bring in a more holistic approach.

Your training is mobile so you can teach and train wherever you wish.

The sky is the limit!

Certification will be awarded at each Module and a final accredited Certification will be awarded on completion of all the following courses.

Definition of a Teacher (noun)

A person who awakens joy, expression, understanding, and creative knowledge in another.

The Courses you will cover will be as follows:

TK  Accredited Yoga Teacher Training at 200 Hours

TK Adult Teachers Certification

TK Meditation Certification

TK Yoga Nidra Certification

TK Chair Yoga and Movement Certification

TK Mid-Section Training Certification

TK Resistance Training Certification

TK Energy Healing Certification

TK Pilates Certification

Optional Modules ( as per website). £60.00 per Module:

Breathing Techniques for Pain Certification

Low Back Care Certification

Recovery for Herniated disc Certification

Ayurveda and Nutrition Certification

Restorative Yoga Certification

Chakra Cleanse Certification

Yoga for Mental Health and well-being Certification


The cost of this complete course is just £2,999.00

Be assured there is no other certificated course on the market that covers all aspects of well-being for the over 50+ age group.

TK supports and promotes wellness at all levels and has dedicated the last 30 plus years to the well-being of others.

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